Modem Capture Module
Allows a legacy alarm panel to signal over new digital technology. Converts the signal from analogue to digital for transmission over IP or GPRS networks in an encrypted  format. For use with the following panels: (GE Aritech ATS 2000, 3000, 4000, 4500) and (GE Aritech CD 72, 95) *unless these panels include the Aritech plug on RS232. In addition, required for (Honeywell Galaxy 16 plus). If you are using a Modem Capture Module on a DualCom Pro Dual Path Radio/Radio device, you will also need to purchase a Radio/Wi-Fi Module Enclosure (CS.1.500). The Modem Capture Module (CS.1.402) must be attached onto the DualCom and the Radio/Wi-Fi Module Enclosure is to be used to house the 2nd Radio Module.


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